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Citizenship and Affirmation

What better time to become an Australian citizen than on Australia Day?

Citizenship ceremonies are an important part of Australia Day celebrations. They are often presided over by officials including the Governor-General, Prime Minister, government ministers and local government mayors. More than 17,000 people from 145 countries became Australian citizens on Australia Day 2013 around Australia. Since the first Australian citizenship ceremony in 1949, more than four million people have chosen to become Australian citizens.

Many councils and shires in Victoria run citizenship ceremonies on 26 January each year, hosting thousands of people who pledge their commitment to Australia and its future.

Time taken to process an application for citizenship can vary greatly depending on your circumstances and background.

Further information about applying to become an Australian citizen is available on the the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Australian citizenship webpage. This page has information on how to apply for Australian citizenship, information for Australian citizens, Australian Citizenship Day and the citizen test.

Australia Day is also an opportunity for all Australians to affirm their commitment to Australia by taking part in an Australian citizenship affirmation ceremony. These ceremonies may be part of a citizenship ceremony or other community function.  The Affirmation on Australia Day gives Australians the opportunity to join new citizens in affirming their loyalty to our great nation and its people. It reads:

“As an Australian citizen,
I affirm my loyalty to Australia and its people,
whose democratic beliefs I share,
whose rights and liberties I respect,
and whose laws I uphold and obey.”

 You can find more information about the Australia Citizenship Affirmation, including downloadable affirmation cards and links to order the cards online at the Australian Citizenship Affirmation website.



Event and Celebration Ideas